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Frank Clegg

The modish romanticization of craft and made-by-hand seems to have ignored American workmanship. Frank Clegg’s made-in-Massachusetts leather goods make you wonder why. Each bag is made of high-quality hardware, vegetable-tanned leather, with a clean, precise make that you would expect from someone who takes pride in their products.

Many of the brands we feature at No Man Walks Alone have generational histories - the company founded by some long-lost patriarch, with each generation training the next. Frank Clegg might be the only one of our makers who actually employed his parents rather than the other way around. Frank’s mother and father both worked for him in his Fall River factory for decades.

Frank isn’t so much a bag-maker as he is a guy who loves making stuff - bags are just what he makes the most of. In his down time he likes making guitars, and repairing old fountain pens. The man himself is calm, competent, bearded. A more professorial version of Al Borland. Maybe eventually the new wave of craft enthusiasts will realize the United States isn’t all Tim Taylors.
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Frank Clegg



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