Uta Geyer remembers how her father, who worked as a sculptor, would regularly take her through museums and historical buildings to help train her eye to understand shapes and forms. Later, when she was in art school, she participated in church restorations and anthropological digs, while at the same time, worked at a media agency that focused on fashion. It was through these experiences that she would later develop her design philosophy: to always honor the past while living in the now.

One day, when she was out trying to find a pair of glasses for herself, she discovered a treasure trove of unworn vintage eyewear and came up with the idea to start her own business. She would then open a vintage eyewear shop in Berlin called Lunettes Selection. The shop soon became a go-to source for discerning customers as well as people working in theatre, film production, and fashion.

Seeing the success of store emboldened Geyer to create her own eyewear line: Lunettes Kollektion. Naturally, her designs are inspired by the vintage designs her shop became famous for. She starts by digging through film and fashion archives for inspiration, and then comes up with her interpretation of iconic designs. These designs are then sent to the best eyewear manufacturer in the world, Mazzucchelli, who produces them by cutting them out of cellulose acetate blocks. The pieces are then assembled and polished by hand at a small family-run workshop in Northern Italy, and finally packaged in boxes created by Ernst Liess, a 150-year old bookbindery in Berlin.

In a world saturated with hundreds of options for eyewear, often uninspired or relying on brand logos, we are particularly excited to introduce Lunettes Kollektion to our customers. These well-made, original sunglasses remind us of the bygone elegance of the 1920s and '50s, but also have a touch of playfulness in their material and color choices.

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