"I don't want to make a stupid product"

--- Antonio Ciongoli

When luxury brands spin themselves off into lines aimed at "younger" customers, it's often a euphemism for uninspired design, off-shored production, and compromised quality in order to profit from the brand's good name. Not so with Eidos. Although it's owned by Isaia, you won't see the Isaia name on any Eidos products. Eidos has its own identity.

That identity is the brainchild of designer Antonio Ciongoli, who after years of working with some of the most respected names in fashion, saw an opportunity to lead his own project. The Eidos proposition is that men can feel relaxed and elegant at the same time. Hence the tailored wear in textured fabrics that can be dressed up to be worn with a tie or down to be worn with a polo or jeans.

Eidos collections address a younger customer, but they don't insult him. All Eidos jackets at No Man Walks Alone are fully canvassed and made in Italy, just outside Naples. Fabrics come from the same mills that supply makers selling at three times the price. Young brands, like young customers, don't have to wait decades to carry themselves with dignity.

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