"We don’t want to conquer the world. We just want to do one type of product, and do it very well."

--- Isaac Larose

Larose Paris, the brainchild of Montreal-native Isaac Larose and GQ France stylist Marc Beauge, started off as a small line of five panel caps to wear with suits and has since grown into a full collection of shaped hats and caps, often marked by his distinctive zipper detail.

An avid traveller and nightlife promoter, Isaac’s first passion is people. Many of his designs draw from his experiences in the fashion spotlight as well as backpacking throughout different countries.

From their humble beginnings of being stocked in four Parisian shops, Larose Paris has grown to worldwide recognition. Their accomplishments include multiple high profile collaborations with the likes of No Man Walks Alone friend Post-Imperial and designing the Lobby Boy hat for Wes Anderson’s film Moonrise Kingdom. 

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