Soulive is the brainchild of designer Masato Tanaka, who has been creating some of the most interesting fabrics at famed Okayama fabric mill Collect and for other brands of the Japan Blue group.

Japan Blue and Collect have been at the forefront of denim production revival in Japan since 1992, helping establish Kojima as the denim capital of Japan, manufacturing some of the best denim and indigo-based fabrics, and developing garments under the group's brands such as Momotaro, Japan Blue and Soulive.

Tanaka's inspiration and philosophy for Soulive is the study of indigo and artisanal production that mixes traditional handcraft with innovative techniques. From traditional boro fabrics and haori shapes, to shibori and traditional resist dyeing techniques, all the way to more whimsical aspects of Japanese garment culture and history - inspiration comes in different forms, but is always translated into high-quality garments using Japan Blue's long expertise in fabric and garment manufacturing in Okayama.

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