by Neil Watson

Every time I’m in Florence for Pitti Uomo, I find myself hoping that one day my passport will miraculously say Repubblica Italiana. I learn the language, eat the food and perfect the hand gestures. Yet, I remain an outsider. But an observant one. Here are some non tourist pictures of the city I'd love to call home.

How many people pass through the train station, and yet, don't look at this sign? Such an elegant name for room where thousand of people scurry off to their next destination... Sta-zion-aye.

My means of arrival. I've been redirected too many times away from the Firenze airport due to strong headwinds and a comically short runway, so I often just fly into Milan and then take the train.

The symmetry of this hallway has always taken me by surprise, despite the many times I've seen it. By the water, just past the Uffizi, this remarkable passageway always reminds me there was genius before the iPhone.

The washed out finish on most residential buildings here make me think of a that scene in Gladiator when Russell Crowe slipped into one of his visions, galloping on his horse through fields of wheat to his wife and child - so serene. If you haven't seen this movie, it's a good flick to pass time on a transatlantic flight.

Many flags, many people under one united Europe... oops, maybe not. Thought it was ironic seeing these flap together as news of Brexit popped up on my newsfeed.

The architecture, in detail or from far, never really disappoints. Today’s Florence was largely built during the Renaissance, whose architectural symbol was the curved arch (rather than the pointy one of Gothic times). Here you see a few of them together, on different scales. God I love Florence, and God I love Italy.