by Jasper L

If you’re a regular patron of No Man Walks Alone, my guess is that you’re a man who enjoys the curiosities of clothing and style as much as the clothing itself. And, that being the case, you’ve probably read one of the innumerable articles on the invention of the “No White After Labor Day” rule (feel free to Google) for tailored clothing. I, however, am going to ignore the very existence of that rule, since 1) Who cares? and 2) I don’t wear suits and ties anyway.

Let’s start from the bottom up: white pants with a jacket are, of course, excellent for warm nights, but white jeans are also an excellent alternative to your usual dark slacks or jeans. My only tip is to avoid an overly skinny cut, because you’ll probably be wearing them in the heat (skinny denim is no fun in any kind of humidity), and because white’s not as slimming a color as black or even blue. A slim white trouser, such as these from Big John, are flattering without veering into weisswurst territory (although they are perfect for wearing while enjoying weisswurst and a cold beer).

White pants also look really good with blue shirts (themselves very good for summer), and with shoes or boots of just about any color. Crop them and wear with sockless loafers if you want people to think you’re a jerk; let them stack atop your slim boots if you want people to think you’re a musician - but don’t stack on top your loafers, please.

White also looks great with olive green, which is a combination that moves the look towards multi-pocketed travel journalist and/or Pretend Safari-Goer, neither of which is a bad goal. Wearing white pants with chukkas and an olive fatigue jacket is an excellent way to let your peers know that you are much more worldly than they are. Or invert the same look - for example, with a Niche “Paraguas” pullover and Monitaly tent-fabric fatigue shorts (keep the chukkas on) - to make any naturalist or urban revolutionary proud. Don’t forget your neckerchief.

Wearing white does present challenges. The greatest of those is stains. Food stains in particular. I don’t blink at the occasional dirt-stripe or paint fleck, especially on a pair of white pants or trousers, but a ketchup stain on your chest (or thigh) isn’t a good look. Eat the burger, but use a napkin.

The other, more minor danger is that if you’re wearing all white casual clothes, you can end up looking like a house painter. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a house painter. It’s just something I have to warn you about, like the whole Carmen San Diego issue with wearing all red - learned that one the hard way, so if anyone wants to buy a red trench coat, let’s work something out. Anyway, instead of a white t-shirt, white pants, and white sneakers, add a sharper element, like the aforementioned slim boot. That way, when your clothes inevitably get dirty, you can just brush it off as summertime sprezz.