Niche is a young brand that has quickly been recognized in Japan for its thoughtful designs and unique set of design inspirations. Takumi Oomura founded the company in 2007 after a fifteen-year career at Nepenthes where he designed their “Purple Label” line.

After leaving Nepenthes, he traveled to South America for the first time; his visit to Argentina was an eye-opening experience. The visual diversity of the country, gaucho culture and tango music resonated with Oomura. In the traditional gaucho garments of the Pampas, colorful landscapes of Patagonia, and the small flower vendors punctuating nearly every block of Buenos Aires, he found a mix of elements that he wanted to translate to a collection. These flower vendors inspired the flower patterned shirts that are part of every Niche collection, with unusual details like buttons embedding real flowers from Buenos Aires.

Oomura continues to visit South America several times a year and still draws inspiration from local cultural elements, which he mixes with traditional military garments and fabrics, workwear details and Japanese fabrics to achieve a thoughtful balance of elements. The result is a group of clothes with a rich variety of textures and patterns, most of which are made in Japan, with some pieces especially made for Niche by producers in Latin America and the United States.

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  1. Pleated side-tab trousers in black and navy Finx cotton and silk seersucker New
  2. Coverall jacket in ivory checkered woven cotton New
  3. "Hobby" open collar jacket in "nougat" slubby cotton twill New
  4. "Tour" dolman sleeve shirt jacket in "bister" cotton and nylon twill New
  5. "Bus" short sleeve camp collar shirt in "pearl" slubby cotton New
  6. "Bus" short sleeve camp collar shirt in "nougat" striated rayon and linen New
  7. "Canasta" raglan sleeve knit polo in "dust" exploded-striation-effect cotton New
  8. "Puzzles" crewneck sweater in exploded-striation-effect navy cotton New
  9. "Destination" easy pants in "bister" cotton and nylon twill New
  10. "Destination" easy pants in "nougat" slubby cotton twill New
  11. "Destination" easy pants in "night" viscose twill with multicolor pinstripe New
  12. "Flix" relaxed leg pleated trousers in striped grey crunchy viscose New
  13. "Roma" cap in coral brushed cotton twill New
  14. "Roma" cap in "nougat" cotton twill New

    Stephan Schneider "Roma" cap in "nougat" cotton twill

  15. Kaptain Sunshine Asymmetric pocket railroad jacket in khaki washed Finx cotton and linen left hand twill

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Items 1-30 of 65

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