Firmly planted in the cultural and style zeitgeists of the 20th and 21st centuries, the leather jacket is nothing short of an icon. Originally designed and sold in the US in its current motorcycle designs, it quickly spread worldwide with England taking particular interest in the double rider design, creating their own versions as well, which sit nicely alongside the American counterparts.

James Grose is a British maker, but was recently revived by a Japanese motorcycling enthusiast who insisted on keeping the make within England and to the highest specs. Every James Grose jacket is hand crafted in an East London workshop, family owned since the early 1980’s.

A strong focus is placed on the leathers used, with a lot of care to ensure they are both heavyweight sturdy, yet comfortable from the start. Pay special attention to the horse leather used, which is washed and won’t require the painful break in of your typical horse options.

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  1. French terry crewneck sweatshirt with "bashful avocado" 3D embroidery (restock) New
  2. Double pleated shorts in aquamarine cotton french terry New
  3. Double pleated shorts in khaki cotton french terry New
  4. Cardigan jacket in faded grey washed linen New
  5. Crewneck t-shirt in nude beige cotton and silk jersey New
  6. Soft cotton crewneck tee in grey New
  7. Soft cotton crewneck pocket tee in white New
  8. Vacation shirt in caramel brown linen (restock) New
  9. Relaxed drawstring trousers in caramel brown linen (restock) New
  10. Relaxed drawstring trousers in enzyme washed black linen and cotton New
  11. Relaxed drawstring trousers in enzyme washed beige linen and cotton New
  12. Shirt jacket in grey and white patchwork "tablecloth" cotton New
  13. 50s Milano Shirt in cyan tencel New
  14. 50s Milano Shirt in light pink tencel New
  15. 50s Milano Shirt in lilac paisley "Betro" jacquard cotton New
  16. "Dobson's" woven scarf in "Blocks" charcoal, grey, and navy fluffy wool On Sale
  17. "Dobson's" woven scarf in "Blocks" brown, beige, green, and blue fluffy wool On Sale
  18. "Dobson's" woven scarf in grey, blue, and ochre striped wool hopsack On Sale
  19. "Compton's" knit scarf in "Dove" dark turquoise and black cotton/mohair/wool On Sale

26 Items

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