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Lessons Learned: The Casual Conundrum

June 22, 2019
by Joshua M.   I am not a particularly creative person. My right-brain functions are sorely underdeveloped (nb.: alas, the same could be said of my left-brain functions, but one thing at a time). I...
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Dressing for the Weekend

March 15, 2018
by Alexander Freeling.   When I was a grad student, the weekend had little significance. Studying literature, I only needed to be in meetings occasionally, and I dressed accordingly: the choice bet...
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Game: Set. No Match

October 27, 2017
by David Isle.   You may remember that there was a football game a couple of Sundays ago that ended in dramatic fashion. As the clock ticked down to zero and players and media spilled onto the fiel...
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What to Wear to: A Summer Wedding

May 12, 2017
by David Isle.   Friends, the time is growing near when “have-nots” become “have-knots.” I refer, of course, to summer wedding season. The ultimate transitional season. After dispensing with the st...
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What Makes a Pair of Shoes "Good?"

April 22, 2017
by S. Charlie Weyman.  When I think of the value of good shoes, I’m reminded of a rainy night I spent at a bar with a friend. He must have placed his foot on the barstool awkwardly, because when we...
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What to Wear to: Summer Weddings

May 26, 2016
by David Isle.   “Summer wedding” has nearly become a redundant phrase - the most popular months for weddings are, in order, June, August, May, and July. So if you’re going to a wedding, there’s a ...
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How to Tell if Your Shoes Fit

July 08, 2015
by S. Charlie Weyman.  Before the dawn of the Internet, all men bought their shoes in brick-and-mortar stores, where they’d try on different sizes until they found what was most comfortable. Today,...
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How a Suit Jacket or Sport Coat Should Fit

March 22, 2014
By Derek Guy.    Many men have given up on suit jackets, and for good reason. Most of them look like Willy Loman in one. Some, however, look tremendous with their jacket on; the difference is in ho...
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