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"Certainly today gloves, like ties, are no longer an indispensable element of dress, but for many of us they've remained a comfortable, useful, and pleasurable part of our lives..."

--- Alberto Merola

Nicola Merola was a Neapolitan who went to Grenoble, then the glove-making capital of Europe, to learn the trade. After a period of success in Naples, Nicola and his two brothers moved to Rome and founded the company in 1885. Today Merola gloves are sold and appreciated worldwide, but are still all made in the same workshop in Campania where Nicola began his glove-making career.

The Merola family is now in their fourth generation of glove-making. The company is now run by Alberto Merola, who brought Merola to international fame in the late 60's, and his children Stefano and Claudia.

They continue to be well known not only for their exquisitely made long gloves for ladies, but for their peccary and carpincho gloves for men. These distinctive leathers are rarely used outside of glove making. Merola has been making them for over a hundred years, making this the most productive and long-lasting partnership between Italian craftsmanship and South American rodents that we know of.

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