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Utilitarian and heritage construction made up in exceptionally fine fabrics  

After time spent staffing at Lanvin, Dunhill, and Drakes, among various other labels, London based designer Luke Walker created his namesake brand (abbreviated to his initials, L.E.J.) in 2020, with the intent on reimagining classic military and aeronautical gear in luxurious fabrics, cut for everyday use.

Inspired by an old sketch of his father’s engineering plan — which despite being comlpeted by hand, looks machined rather than penned— Luke employs the same painstaking attention to detail, and approaches construction by asking himself, “What’s the most pure, utilitarian way that something can be made?” Combined with his expertise in high fashion fabrication, the result is a collection in which function and form coexist harmoniously, with garments made to be worn 'til threadbare in a fabric to complement that aging.

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