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Imabari, a beautiful city facing the Seto Inland Sea between the islands of Shikoku and Honshu, is the birthplace of Imabari towels, loved worldwide for their high quality and soft pile. Imibari has a history of making towels for 130 years.

Thing Fabrics was founded in 2016 to focus on making clothing from Imabari-produced towel fabric, initially starting with unisex loungewear, and quickly moving on to everyday garments.  

We enjoy the combination of easy-wearing terrycloth, quality yarns and finishing throughout.   There is something both casual and luxe about Thing Fabric's products.

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Slow Fashion

We partner with makers, not brands; workshops, not sweatshops. Independent businesses, craftsmen and emerging designers making beautifully designed, high quality garments in small runs. Equitable businesses caring about their workers' well-being and their community, like we do.

Your Style, Not Ours

Men are not unidimensional: we do not dress only in suits or only in sweats - why are we so often treated as distinct groups? No marketing tribes or trend forecasting here. We do not push an aesthetic today (and shun it next year). We provide tools to build your own style, and a friendly community to discuss it.

(Real) Transparency

We never hide makers behind private labels, we celebrate them. You deserve information on materials and construction so we share that with you. Greenwashed "sustainability" claims are lame - instead, we focus on making small runs with responsible makers, avoiding overproduction & waste.

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