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The OG Shetland and Fair Isle, from sheep to sweater

The Shetland Islands are truly in the middle of nowhere. Just a verdant little birthmark on the vast hide of sea that extends between Great Britain and Norway. It takes a hardy animal to survive under such isolated and unprotected conditions, and the Shetland sheep is one of these.

The breed is known for its wool, evolved to be warm and fine out of necessity. This happy development has made Shetland yarn and knits prized commodities for over a century. Jamieson’s has been a part of the industry for nearly all of that history. It was begun by Robert Jamieson, a trader who sold knitted Shetland goods to customers on less remote shores. Each generation of the family has added something to business. Now in its fifth generation, Peter Jamieson and his son Gerry are involved in every step of the knitwear business, from sheep to shop.

One of the unique aspects of shetland wool is that it comes naturally in a variety of colors - the Shetland Sheep Society recognizes eleven colors of Shetland sheep. Jamieson’s therefore offers a large selection of sweaters that have never seen dye. It’s a little bit of the middle of nowhere, brought straight to you.

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