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I'm Walkin' Here

February 09, 2021
by Daniel Penny.   There is a common expression in fashion: “When they zig, I zag.” It’s the idea that whatever is trendy should be avoided--repudiated even--with its aesthetic opposite. I’ve alway...
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The Man Who Owned Too Much

December 15, 2020
by Daniel Penny.    My wife and I began to plan our move from Brooklyn to a little flat in Cambridge, UK in June of 2020. She’d gotten into a PhD in February, but then COVID made the idea of movin...
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Big Pants, Big Mood

September 15, 2020
by Daniel Penny.   A few years ago, I started contemplating the idea of a big pair of pants. I’m not talking straight cut, or a little baggy--I’m talking voluminous. At first, I rejected this sick...
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RIP Jimmy Webb, 1957-2020

May 05, 2020
by Daniel Penny.   Jimmy Webb, denizen of St. Mark’s Place, punk guru, and rockstar couturier died last month. He was 62. An upstate runaway and downtown club kid since the ‘70s, Jimmy had gotten h...
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Election Gear

March 13, 2020
by Daniel Penny.   How many of us have gotten caught up in the excitement of the campaign season over the past year and decided to smash the donate button and buy some merch?
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Personal Shopper

January 28, 2020
by Daniel Penny.   In 2020, I resolved to buy fewer clothes for myself. The problem is that I have a lot of opinions about clothes and over the years, have developed a roving eye, always searching ...
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It Ain't Ralph, Though

November 12, 2019
by Daniel Penny.   This November marks the 50th anniversary of Ralph Lauren’s juggernaut clothing, home, and lifestyle brand, Polo. What began as a little tie business known making for napkin-sized...
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