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Setting a High Standard

December 04, 2017
by David Isle.   The pocket square is the canary in the menswear coal mine, announcing a man’s decision to view his clothes as an opportunity rather a necessity.
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Game: Set. No Match

October 27, 2017
by David Isle.   You may remember that there was a football game a couple of Sundays ago that ended in dramatic fashion. As the clock ticked down to zero and players and media spilled onto the fiel...
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How to Wear a Pocket Square

October 20, 2017
by S. Charlie Weyman.   There are many ways to wear a pocket square, but only one rule – always complement; never match. As with tie knots, card tricks, and pick-up lines, you want to look good wit...
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Quick Study in Neapolitan Shoulders

August 02, 2013
by Greg Lellouche.  When commissioning a bespoke jacket in Naples, the choice of which shoulder construction to use tends to fall into two main categories.  Much has been said, written and many dia...
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