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Jean Dujardin, Icon of Impermanence

July 06, 2021
by Réginald-Jérôme de Mans.  There’s a fantastic new podcast Kill James Bond! providing a critical eye on the tired old cliché and media it inspired, from the Ennio Morricone-scored, Neil Connery-s...
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Notes From the Ground Floor

June 22, 2021
by Réginald-Jérôme de Mans.  As I get older, it’s amusing to recognize that so many of the pithy quips and sayings I have derive from a small set of catchy past readings, however shallow my culture. 
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Book Review: Richard James Savile Row

May 25, 2021
by Réginald-Jérôme de Mans.  As Troy McClure said about playing the human in a musical adaptation of Planet of the Apes, reviewing this book is “the role I was born to play!”
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Fashion Survivor

May 11, 2021
by Réginald-Jérôme de Mans.  “It’s STYLE not fashion!” enough of us have trumpeted, reflexively, defensively, guiltily, at surprised interlocutors who have confused our interest in clothes no one e...
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The Old Desi

April 27, 2021
by Réginald-Jérôme de Mans.   A friend (why not? To paraphrase Rjmbaud, Réginald-Jérôme de Mans est un autre) writes: “Live to be a hundred, I’ll never forget it. In a cheesy import superstore, the...
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Pieces of Self

April 20, 2021
by Réginald-Jérôme de Mans.  On a tip from the Instagram stories of my friend Paul Fournier, I picked up Nishiguchi Essentials 100, a bilingual compendium of the 100 articles of clothing and access...
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My Ralph Outlet

April 06, 2021
by Réginald-Jérôme de Mans.  A recent conversation with Ivy revisionist Berkeley Breathes led to me a revelation. The relationship between Prep and Ivy, I epiphanized, is that of birds and dinosaurs. 
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