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May 05, 2016
by David Isle.Β  Β Good taste places fairly narrow bounds on the menu of options in tailored menswear (suits and ties and so on). A suit can have one, two, or three buttons (but it doesn’t matter muc...
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Fabrics for Summer

April 12, 2016
by David Isle.Β  Β For most of the year, staying warm is a good practical excuse for wearing clothes. But summer belies this purpose, since staying warm is a foregone conclusion, and still here we ar...
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How a Suit Jacket or Sport Coat Should Fit

March 22, 2014
By Derek Guy.Β  Β  Many men have given up on suit jackets, and for good reason. Most of them look like Willy Loman in one. Some, however, look tremendous with their jacket on; the difference is in ho...
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