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Begg & Co FW21

Scotland's finest maker of wool & cashmere accessories, since 1866 

Begg is an old name in Scottish woolen goods. Having started in Paisley in the 1860s, they moved to Ayr, a small town on Scotland's western edge, in 1902. Here, they've been manufacturing stoles, blankets, and scarves for not only their label, but also some of the world's most prestigious luxury houses.

Everything starts with their materials. Begg only uses the finest cashmere, lambswool, and angora yarns, which they have dyed to their exact color specifications. This is done with the strictest levels of quality control in order to ensure color continuity throughout the line. After the yarns have been dyed, they're measured and warped in-house, and then carefully woven on a variety of looms ranging from the most traditional to the most modern. From here, there can be up to twenty-five different processes to take them to the finished product. Some of these are rather quite traditional and unique. For example, their cashmere is brushed with teasels, a spiky, dried flower head that's grown in Italy. This gives the surface of their cashmere scarves and throws a distinctive rippled finish, for which they're most known around the world.

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Begg & Co FW21

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