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Casual footwear made in France, with materials and construction that last a lifetime

In our search for sturdy yet well-designed boots and shoes to wear with casual outfits, we came across Heschung a few years ago, fell in love with the products first, and the story later.

Northern Alsace is an area of France best known for its sauerkraut, sausages, and white wine, but the region is also characterized by picturesque hills and lush landscapes. It was in these inspiring surroundings that the Heschung family started to manufacture footwear in 1934.  When Eugène Heschung started his own workshop, he immediately focused on heavy-duty footwear in reverse welted stitching.

Reverse welted construction proved to be very suitable for the waterproofing requirements of skiing and Heschung evolved into a specialist of leather ski boots in the 1950’s, even outfitting Olympic teams and medalists.   Nowadays, they apply their expertise to a full line of country- and city-appropriate footwear.

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