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Kardo FW23

"It's not where it's made that matters, but who made it and under what conditions"

This is the mantra inscribed on all the hang tags and the soul that runs through the brand and their creations.

Started in 2013, Kardo's aim was to slow down the mass production process, giving more time and most importantly, attention to every detail of the garment.

Although every piece is designed and produced from their own workshop in New Delhi, that doesn’t stop Kardo from employing other studios and professionals in India to carry out traditional techniques to craft and dye their clothing. Processes such as ikat resist dying, block printing, chikankari embroidery and using natural dyes for all their hand loomed fabrics give the garments a soul and ensure the art lives on.

Inside every piece produced, you will find the fabric content and its production origins of course but you’ll also find the provenance tag, giving praise to each and every person in their studio who had a hand in cutting, stitching and finishing the garment. While that list is short, choosing to let the technique of a single tailor shine in each part of production, it all culminates in a garment you can be proud of and stays to their original mantra.

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Kardo FW23



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