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Paraboot FW23

The Richard-Pontvert company has been making shoes in France since 1910, but the company wouldn’t become Paraboot or reach its full potential until Remy Richard took a trip to the U.S. in 1927 and discovered Americans' enthusiasm for rubber shoes, soles and vulcanization.  

Paraboot came into fruition as a brand focusing on making 100% waterproof shoes, via construction methods and the use of latex and rubber. "Para" is a reference to the Amazonian port where the rubber came from.

Since then, this family company (now run by its fourth generation) has continued to develop styles for hunting, fishing, winter sports, workwear, etc...  and by extension rugged shoes that mesh so well with casual outfits, last a lifetime and are built in a way that can be resoled and cared for.  

Don't mistake the rugged and casual nature of these shoes with any compromise on quality of make.  After nearly a century of business, Paraboot continues to prioritize quality over quantity, carefully maintaining high standards in construction and materials, and making every pair of shoe in its own factory in Saint-Jean de Moirans in the French Alps region. 

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Paraboot FW23



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