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Paratodo FW23

"With roots stemming from both fashion and philanthropy, we have dedicated ourselves to making functional casual-wear for the modern adventurer, while simultaneously giving back to various humanitarian causes."

Paratodo came about in response to the lack of humanitarianism in contemporary fashion. Directly translating to "for all", this value rings true in both their commitment to donating 25% of profits to partnered charities and their inclusive, genderless approach to designing gear.

Most shapes are modeled after vintage workwear and lifestyle staples, but all have unique tweaks, whether a traditional block print cotton in lieu of tech nylon, or additional buttons and pockets for amped up utility,  that’ve drawn us to their work for some years now. It's been nice to have it as our own secret in office, but it's only just we share stuff this sick with the No Man Fam!
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Paratodo FW23



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