“The belt of Parma” was born in the leather workshop of Bruno Longhi. Longhi opened his first leather workshop in 1932 producing saddles, horseshoes and other horse riding accessories. He quickly diversified into other leather goods such as suitcases, handbags, belts and travel accessories, all handmade in Parma. Longhi’s soft tubular belts (called “tubo” belts) were especially coveted by the men of Emilia-Romagna. These belts are made of a single piece of material folded onto itself and stitched along its length. These belts offer a softness, flexibility and comfort unlike other belts, made from two pieces glued together.

The expansion of Longhi and the associated need for skilled artisans trained a generation of leather workers in Parma. Over the following decades, many artisans left the Longhi workshop to found independent artisanal belt manufacturers, several of which remains to this day.

Longhi stopped making its own belts long ago. The company C.S.D. SNC and its brand "Farnese" have been making the belts sold at Longhi ever since. Established by Luciano Pelagatti thirty years ago and now run by his son Emilio, Farnese remains faithful to the tradition of “the belt of Parma” and its “tubo” construction.